Scottish Folds Kittens for Sale

Welcome to our page and thanks for your interest to our cats and kittens!  My name is Vera Sabatura. Me and my husband live in Dallas, TX and share my biggest hobby - cat breeding . We breed two breeds of cats: British Short-hair and Scottish Folds. All our cats have very special Grand Champion blood lines from Europe . We love our cats, they live in the house with us.

Scottish Folds are known to be very good natured, affectionate cats who are very human-orientated and become extremely attached to their owners. They are easy going and will appreciate the company of other pets in their household, especially if the human family members are out at work. They are also very playful, but not overly boisterous, and score extra marks for being a very softly spoken breed with a wide variety of quiet sounds often not found in other breeds. They tend to adopt very relaxed positions when resting, often sleeping on their backs, and sitting in a "Buddha" position with their legs stretched out and paws resting on their stomachs!

The Scottish Fold is a calm, gentle and very even tempered cat. They love quiet homes, chaotic homes, shows, travel, and cubby holes of any type. They enjoy attention and are not usually shy with strangers. Affectionate without being "pushy",they make ideal pets and companions.

We are legally operated, licensed and registered cattery and are obligated to collect TX state sales tax. All sales are subject to 8.25% TX state sales tax.
If you are interested in any of  the available kittens please contact me.

I can be reached at e-mail:

or by phone: 469-275-2025

If I don't answer please leave a message and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

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